La Jolla, CA | Got My Smile Back - Patient Testimonial | Dougherty Dental

A patient shares her experience with Dougherty Dental and explains how amazing the staff was about making her feel comfortable.


Brooke Hubbard: I had unfortunately fractured some teeth from falling down the stairs when I was 20. So with that, I had to have a couple of root canals and one thing that you'll learn with root canals is that after a while your tooth will darken.

Brooke Hubbard: So Dougherty did some bleaching for me and just this last couple of months we put some veneers in. So I'm extremely happy; got my smile back. I just think it's really great that, I mean, I literally used to practically crawl out of the chair, getting my teeth cleaned and hygienists would grab you, sit you in the chair and just start scraping your teeth. I would literally feel like I was dying and total anxiety. It was awful.

Brooke Hubbard: Here, there's so many extra steps taken to make me comfortable, like putting on the headphones, doing a bit of numbing because I have teeth sensitivity, but now I'd come in and I'm not freaking out looking at the clock, when can I leave? It's more of a pleasant experience.

Brooke Hubbard: Dougherty Dental is the best dental that there is in town.