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Meet Dr. Paul Dougherty and learn about Dougherty Dental's mission and what makes their practice special.


Dr. Paul Dougherty: It starts with our staff and myself, and how we treat patients. We really work hard to develop relationships with our patients. Starting with trust, honesty, knowing that we're going to treat them like we would treat our own family, and it shows in our staff and myself. We have patients that have been here for multiple decades. I have staff who have been with me for multiple decades, and we really nurture those relationships and it carries over into our practice with patients every day. That's what kind of sets us apart.

Dr. Paul Dougherty: We are not in-network with insurance companies. We do bill insurance for our patients, but at the same time, I don't have a time clock on procedures. When I'm sitting down to do a procedure on a patient, I want to give that patient 110% and know that I'll do the very best job and not have that procedure have to be determined by time.

Dr. Paul Dougherty: I'm one of the dentists for the San Diego Gulls, so I do a lot of trauma with San Diego Gulls. The hockey players are... obviously have quite a bit of trauma to their teeth, so we've, particularly over the last four years, have had some challenges of doing emergency dentistry on these players.

Dr. Paul Dougherty: Also, there are challenges every day in our practice. We have somebody could walk in from a car accident, a fall, and so we're equipped to be able to handle that type of care.

Dr. Paul Dougherty: Staying on top of the newest technologies, we pride ourselves on being on top of that, but it's also challenging to not be the first one on the block to have that. We don't want our patients to be guinea pigs, at the same time we want to offer the latest and best technology that can make the experience here at our office the best it can be.