La Jolla, CA | Attention To My Needs | Dougherty Dental

A patient of four years shares his experience with Dougherty Dental and discusses his incredible interactions with our staff.


Jim Dudl: Hi, I'm Dr. Jim Dudl. I've been a patient of Dr. Dougherty's for, oh, at least four years. I live in La Jolla. I had a prior dentist who had problems and then I went to a specialist and asked him, who's the best in La Jolla? And he said Dr. Dougherty. So, that's how I got here. I have a lot of old fillings and caps and so forth, so he has been the person that has taken charge, literally gone tooth by tooth, as you know, telling us, myself and he, making up a plan to restore and maintain my mouth. And we're, I think, in about inning four of a nine inning game.

Jim Dudl: I really, really like this place. This is fun. Dougherty Dental, the people here really find out what matters to me. It's really important that my favorite part is the quality. Dr. Dougherty has excellent education, he has greater than 10 years of experience, he keeps up very well by going to conferences every year. There is one other really important thing that I noticed here that I almost never see, and that is real attention to incorporating my needs and desires in the decisions of what to do.

Jim Dudl: Often, doctors, I'm a doctor, sort of, make a decision of what I think is best and they just go ahead and say, that's what we're going to do. For example, I had a cap on the back of one of my teeth, and it had, some area underneath was now exposed. So he said, we could replace the cap, that is time consuming and expensive, or I could drill in that area and if the tooth is sound, I could fill it and that might do the job. I'm curious, what would you like?