La Jolla, CA | Professional and Life-Changing | Dougherty Dental

A patient shares his life-changing experience with his dental implant procedure and the staff at Dougherty Dental.


Hans Roes: The problem that I was having when I came here is I needed some new teeth cause I've lost them and I needed some implants. This place is different because makes you feel relaxed right away. I was, of course, having implants, you're kind of in a bad position because you have no teeth. And then when you have teeth you don't really think about it much. But when you don't have them, you can't smile, you can't eat. It makes life a little bit tough.

Hans Roes: So then it's nice to find somebody, like I did, who was really professional and changes your life. Life changing, as they say. I trust Dr. Szotko because he is somebody that makes you feel comfortable, very capable. And particularly with a procedure, like implants, which makes people a little bit nervous or have questions about, he totally gave me a good feeling about it. And I'm happy I did it. I feel fantastic. I'm actually going to have some more work done, have a couple more implants. So I'll be back in this office, and I look forward to it. Actually almost miss it.