La Jolla, CA | A Beautiful Smile Can Boost Your Self-Confidence | Dougherty Dental

A patient shares her dental journey with Dougherty Dental and explains how she will be forever grateful for her experience.


Heike Maglaque: Most Europeans just don't take care of their teeth the way that Americans do. When you, as a European, come to the United States, you just see, you look at people and oftentimes you see this wonderful bright smile and you go, why can I not have that? I would just want it to be able to smile and everybody looks at you and goes, "Oh yeah, great. You have a wonderful smile." Dr. Dougherty assured me we could do this.

Heike Maglaque: It was the most amazing thing I'd ever done for myself. Everybody is warm and welcoming. We know the same faces, the same people, the same employees, and trust is a big deal as well for me that I trust the assistants and Dr. Dougherty to do the right thing. I believe that if you have a nice smile, if you have beautiful teeth and you've done all the corrections, Invisalign, whatever, it gives you, it boosts your self-confidence and it changes the way you deal with other people absolutely. And that's why I think I will be forever grateful because it changed my daily dealings with other people, the way you approach people, the way you talk, the way you express yourself, it makes a big difference.