La Jolla, CA | Cosmetic Restoration - Patient Testimonial | Dougherty Dental

A patient of five years shares her testimonial about her cosmetic restoration procedure at Dougherty Dental.


Christina Fink: I've been a patient with Dr. Dougherty and his team for about four or five years. I was referred by a dentist because I was seeking the top of the line dentist in cosmetic restoration. I had crowns on the front four teeth that were old. They had shifted and had just aged and they needed to be replaced. And as you can imagine, selecting cosmetic work is a delicate procedure. And I was after the best in the business and I found it. I did ask to see some of their past experience with reconstruction. I felt beyond confident and from then on, the process began. And every step of the way I felt trusted. I felt I trusted their judgment. It's like walking into somebody's living room of a best friend. Truth be known, I've actually gone to sleep in the dental chair. The value of a beautiful smile is priceless. And it increased my confidence socially, professionally. I just feel better about myself inside and out and there just really is not a price tag for this. Dougherty Dental, no one else will ever touch my mouth.