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Looking to meet with our dentist from the comfort of your own home? Dougherty Dental is excited to offer virtual consultations in La Jolla, California, to help get you the dental care you need more conveniently! Click the link below to set up your appointment and contact us at 858-454-2656 if you would like more information. Dr. Paul E. Dougherty and our team are excited to help you!

We understand that life is busy and cosmetic dentistry takes time. With virtual consultations at Dougherty Dental, you receive the same exceptional service that you would receive in our office without rearranging your schedule for an appointment. Using our intuitive app, you will take a clear photo of your smile, and upload it to be viewed by Dr. Dougherty. After understanding your aesthetic smile goals, our team will send you a customized video consult, explaining your options for improving your smile. It really is that simple. Schedule your personalized virtual consultation today to begin your journey toward your dream smile.

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